Musique pub Nikonb - Teardrops - Novembre 2012
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Musique pub Nikonb - Teardrops - Novembre 2012


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Nikon brand story: Tears Commercial
Song: Teardrops by Ms. Xolie Morra

Tears. The ultimate demonstration of feeling.

Chanson :  "Teardrops" - Ms. Xolie Morra (American Rock Folk band is The Strange Kind's Vocals). This song is so brilliant.. no words can describe. On soundcloud you can listen to a whole record before buying anything. En savoir plus

[生] Birth - Emotions are born with every birth.
[満] Achievement - Overcoming hardship fulfills the bearer.
[誇] Pride - A life's honor: having someone to love from the heart.
[挫] Frustration - Can you stand against your weaknesses?
[尊] Reverence - Held in arms of the father, the boy becomes a man.
[極] Elation - The climax is momentary and eternal.
[怯] Fear - In the forest of fear, man is alone.
[偲] Reminisce - In peoples hearts we live eternal.
[憤] Anger - Great suffering eventually turns to strength.
[信] Conviction - Strong conviction drives us forward.
[悔] Regret - The most invaluable things slip through our fingers
[悼] Grief - There is no grief that cannot overcome
[安] Relief - What saves you from despair is friendship.
[叶] Fulfillment - Dreams enliven you.
[願] Faith - The will that supports you is called hope.
[慕] Admiration - Your mother never really leaves you.
[晴] Rejuvenation - A pure feeling, without a cloud in sight.
[誓] Vow - The resolution to partake in the same future.
[想] Love

Lyrics used in the commercial
Old times
Are teardrops in my eyes
These pictures like lullabies
That make my heart weep
Oh, but I know
As long as the stars glow
I’ll be thinking of you

I cry
There’s teardrops in my mind
The colors that pass the time
I hold on
Hold on
Oh I’ve got a heart full of memories inside
I watch as the time flies up above my head
And I stop
Because my heart is only for you
But Oh
Oh but I know
As long as the stars glow
I’ll be thinking of you

Song: Teardrops by Ms. Xolie Morra
Release: 2012
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