Futulele - Appli Ukulele iPad - iPhone
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Futulele - Appli Ukulele iPad - iPhone


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Avec un ipad et un iphone, on peut fabriquer un ukulele

FUTULELE is an upcoming Ukulele synthesizer for iOS. Although it can work on a single iPad, similar to our well-known guitar synth OMGuitar (http://amidio.com/omguitar), Futulele really shines with a special guitar-shaped case that holds both an iPad and an iPhone, which are connected to each other via Bluetooth. iPhone is used to define the chords and iPad is used for strumming.We have managed to reduce the chord switch lag to a minimum level and capture every little nuance of a high-grade professional Ukulele instrument. You can use up to 12 chords for each song, and change chord sets on the fly. Full recording and sharing possibilities come straight from OMGuitar, as well as the effects section.We are currently looking for manufacturers who are willing to produce Futulele cases, preferrably with embedded speakers. Please contact us if you have any ideas! www.amidio.com

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